Sunday, January 9, 2011


Tis the season for people resolute to changing their lives. Whether this episode includes eating healthier, going to the gym regularly, or being a nicer person the majority will agree that after the first few weeks in January people return to their normal, unfavorable routines. Obviously, it's important for everyone to eat healthy and stay in shape. Being HIV positive, it's even more crucial. 2010 was quite the year for me as it was the year of my diagnosis. In addition to the many challenges I face in the years to come I've decided not to hope for a better lifestyle like others tend to do. That should just come natural. No sir, this year my resolution is to focus on Christopher.

Those that know me know that I have quite a lot on my plate. Unfortunately, recent events that have taken place in my life have forced me to take yet another few steps backwards. God's humor isn't so funny to me anymore. Sometimes, I just want to crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep from being overwhelmed and tired. But, then I remember all my brothers and sisters out there living with HIV that I can count on for support and love. For that reason alone I know I could not live with myself if I gave up this fight and deserted them. With the new year at hand I've decided to face the music head on. Instead of seeing these events as negatives I'm starting to see them as positives. My lease is up on the apartment next month and this is my chance to leave New York City and do the things I promised myself I would accomplish this year. These are my resolutions for 2011:

1- Complete the HIV/ AIDS contributed book and have it published. It's written by everyday people living with or affected by HIV/ AIDS. Tentatively titled, HIV at the Dinner Table: A Modern Diagnosis
2- Complete my fictional novel (non-HIV related) and have it published.
3- Do my part to end HIV stigma in America: ROAD TRIP across the U.S.A. interviewing individuals affected by HIV/ AIDS.
4- Find a new home- preferably with palm trees.

No longer will I live in an overpriced city that I can honestly say I am "so done" with. There is no reason why someone in my condition should be working two jobs just to get by. I'm not in fashion, don't care enough about Wall Street, and I have no interest in theater (although I have great respect for the arts.) Many years ago when I wanted to leave I packed my bags and drove, only to return to my hometown. This time I'm going to plan constructively. That's when the idea for the road trip came to mind- allowing me to possibly accomplish two resolutions in one- educating others on the true face of HIV and finding Christopher a new home.

Now that a year has gone by and I've learned how the world views HIV/ AIDS I feel it is necessary to do my part and show the world the real face of HIV- outside of celebrities and stigma. Approximately six months from now I will be leaving for a summer road trip, making stops in most of the U.S. states. I will be documenting and publishing my trip on a daily basis via blog entries as well as video recording. That way, everyone can follow me on my journeys as I experience them. I may start a website dedicated to this adventure. Details to come. Many individuals have expressed interest in having me stop in their hometown and I welcome the invitations. The end goal of this trip is to have the entire world see the real people with HIV and illustrate the importance of ending fear and stigma as well as knowing your status.

This is my plan for the new year. I sure have my work cut out for me, but it's work that I know is necessary to make this world one step closer to ending the current state of HIV in America.  Here's to 2011- the year the world will see HIV in a new way!

Interested in learning more about my trip? Would you like me to come visit? Have ideas for the trip? Feel free to contact me this way:

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