Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Let me start by apologizing for my absence. It has been a couple weeks since I’ve posted a new blog on the internet.
My reasons are just. My calendar is filled to the point where even yours truly can’t keep up with all that needs to be done! No, it’s not my non-existent social calendar, but my calendar filled with events and tasks that stimulate my brain. I purchased a white board today that swiftly became my daily “To-Do” list preventing me from falling behind OR not completing tasks of which I promised to do for others. Let me share with you the bullet points on that board:

  • Look over & give feedback for the new POZIAM website
  • Help build the “Does HIV Look like Me?” newly diagnosed section of their website
  • Take pictures with DAB the AIDS Bear with NYC landmarks- ongoing
  • Create next blog entry- TONIGHT
  • Pay final Verizon bill on Friday
  • Pay portion of blood work bill as well as Doctor’s visit(s) bill- ongoing
  • Pick up paycheck from staffing agency on Thursday
  • Former 401K plan- use $$$ to pay medical bills? Pending
  • Upload Part 3 and 4 Vlog series to Youtube- attempt No. 6 or is it 7?
  • Hang Curtains- DONE!

I’ve been slacking on my response to a handful of these tasks simply because I hadn’t had the time to commit. I always get everything done in time, but challenges have approached me. I recently accepted a new job as an administrative assistant at one of America’s well-known railroad companies. That’s right; I can almost say goodbye to my crappy job (that I have written about previously) and say hello to my full time career! However, in order to cross some of these particular tasks off my list sooner rather than later I felt it best to stay at that bartending job a couple nights a week. As if I had time to spare originally- now my free time will be further limited for a while. I spent most of the summer working two jobs and now it seems to have no end in sight.


In my opinion, being HIV positive creates a barrier in the workplace. There are so many things to consider before walking out on a job that I’m less than satisfied with- especially when their health insurance plan covers my medications one hundred percent. That was the only reason I stayed at a job that I dreaded going to day after day. Unfortunately, until I can get my blood work and hospital bills settled (bills that were not covered by insurance) I feel trapped for a while leaving myself working two jobs. Of course living in one of the largest and most expensive cities in the world never helps.


Stress and fatigue caused from working two jobs will only play against me in fighting HIV. As long as I keep telling myself that it’s only temporary and that I am still young and healthy then it will be okay. Some would relax from these stresses by binge drinking or other bodily irritants that temporarily take the stress away. I turn to my writing to calm me. I sure do miss having more time to my writing and blogging though- it’s only temporary, Christopher.


Perhaps one day soon the price we pay to stay alive won’t be so expensive.


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  1. We live work and play.... enjoying life is the most important,,, thanks for sharing and I know you will do well in your new job